10 Reasons To Visit Thailand

Here Are The 10 Best Reasons To Visit Thailand.

Have you ever wondered why Thailand is such a popular destination and why people who have traveled there often fall in love with the country? Are you thinking about your next destination, and are you wondering whether to go to Thailand or not? Let me give you 10 powerful reasons to visit Thailand.

If you have any doubts about whether Thailand is worth visiting or not, after seeing these reasons I am sure that your opinion will be very clear. Thailand is a very complete destination that hooks anyone who visits it. Keep reading and you will see why.


It is one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life. Bangkok full of contrasts, with penetrating smells, chaotic and with a lot of bustle, where tradition mixes with modernity, with its temples, markets, and its skyscrapers, it is a city that never sleeps.

It is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, where there is always something to do, no matter what time of day. In this city it is impossible to get bored no matter what you like to do.

Its historical and cultural heritage

Thailand has an ancient culture that has left an important legacy. The ruins of its ancient capitals like Sukhothai or Ayutthaya are just some examples of the wealth of its historical heritage. It has also managed to preserve its identity, its traditions, and its rich culture. Most likely because it is the only country in the area that was never colonized.

Its islands and its paradisiacal beaches

Despite the fact that mass tourism has ruined some of the best enclaves, in Thailand there are still a lot of islands and paradisiacal beaches worthy of appearing on any postcard.

I am particularly passionate about Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Surin Island, Ko Lanta, Ko Tarutao, Krabi, or even Ko Phangan, to name a few. All of them, in addition to being provided with tourist services and having easy access, are well preserved and a safe bet.

Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Rai and the triangle of gold are some destinations that you cannot miss. Northern Thailand with its temples, its rich tribal culture, of which giraffe women are a famous example, its fantastic landscapes, its jungle mountains, its waterfalls, trekkings and elephant rides, etc., is a unique experience. that you have to live.

Traveling in Thailand is very easy and it is a very cheap destination

Few countries in the world offer so many facilities to move within the country, find good accommodation deals (even the same day on the ground), book cheap internal flights, or do the activities you want. The country is well prepared to receive any type of tourist, from the backpacker with the tightest budget to the one who is looking for luxury and exclusivity.

It is the ideal destination to explore Southeast Asia

Its geographical location and its air connections make it the best base camp to explore Southeast Asia. Many low-cost companies connect the country with the main destinations in Asia at very good prices.

It is a shopping paradise

You can hallucinate with one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the world such as the Siam Paragon, or with the MBK, famous shopping center for “fake” products, try your haggling skills at street markets and night markets, visit some floating market, And, if you’re in Bangkok for the weekend, lose yourself in Chatuchack, the largest open-air market in Southeast Asia.

Thai food

Thai food is one of the most exquisite and delicate in the world. In few countries you eat so well and so cheaply. You eat well both in the most exclusive restaurants and in the street stalls where dishes are served for even less than a euro. In addition to Thai food, the country is full of excellent international restaurants. The culinary offer is overwhelming.

Night life

Thailand has a very lively and carefree nightlife. Bangkok can boast of its wide range of nightlife with which few cities in the world can compete. In addition, in the main tourist destinations, especially those on the beach, there are possibilities to have fun any night of the week until dawn.

The Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party , the Full Moon Party is the most famous beach party in the world. It takes place on the island of Koh Pha Ngan every full moon, and it gets to gather between 10,000 and 30,000 people every month wanting to have fun. It’s a great party.

10 Reasons To Visit Thailand

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