Discover How You Can Become Leaner and Happier Without Giving up the Foods You Love!

Imagine you could be happier and slimmer without any effort. Well, it doesn’t have to be just an idea! With healthy habits, you can live a leaner and happier life. I would like to explain to you how this works.

When it comes to losing as much weight as possible, the market offers countless diets and programs. Many of them seem to be working. At least in the short-term. But very few keep us lean over the long-term and most important: Not satisfied. Instead of long-term habits, short-term “successes” are used.

Between all the rules and prohibitions that come with classic diets, it is often difficult to find your way. The space for yourself disappears. You lose the feeling for yourself and your needs. Dealing with yourself and your everyday behavior loses importance and ultimately falls by the wayside. But now be honest with yourself – what do you think shapes your body and mind? The eight-week crash diet or the remaining 45 weeks a year?

I guess you know the answer yourself.

This post is about 10 habits for a leaner and happier life – without a diet!

Let’s get leaner and happier. You don’t have to choose between slim and satisfied. You can do both. With today’s nine habits that I want to introduce to you, it will be child’s play to be leaner and happier.

1. Leaner and Happier Thanks to a Varied Diet

Even though I advocate certain routines in everyday eating, the diet should remain varied in order to become leaner and more satisfied. This leads to the fact that you automatically supply all the micro and macronutrients that you need for a slim body and a satisfied mind. Vary in your carbohydrate/protein and fat sources, then you can be sure that you cover everything. Note: The more colorful the better!

Build up a basic framework around how you design your diet. So you can vary your daily smoothie with different types of fruit and vegetables, change your muesli with different types of vegetable milk, cereal flakes or nuts and always use different sources of carbohydrates, protein and fat for the warm meal. Stay creative and especially use natural foods.

2. Leaner and Happier With 90% Saturation

Stop overeating or starving yourself. You don’t have to stop eating when the plate is empty and your belly feels like it’s bursting. Eat until you are comfortably filled and feel like you can start again full of energy. Learn to eat full! Most of the time we have already got used to eating the plate empty. Distractions in the form of cell phones, televisions or conversations prevent us from realizing that we are saturated with three-quarters of the portion.

Try to prepare the plate beforehand and fill it moderately first. You can always take cash on delivery. Eliminate disruptive factors and take at least 20 minutes to eat. If there is still a craving half an hour after eating, you may have eaten only 60 or 70% full. If you still don’t feel like moving around half an hour later, you are more likely to have landed at 110%. You can find more on this topic in this blog article about hunger, appetite and satiety.

3. Leaner and Happier Through Self-Acceptance

Lean and content starts in the head. No matter how healthy you eat, how much exercise, how good you look – none of this works if you don’t love yourself. And self-acceptance is harder than you might think. In a high-performing society, loving yourself for who you are can quickly create obstacles.

At this point I explained how this works with self-love. Never forget: You are wonderful as you are, regardless of how you look, what you weigh or can do.

What can help you learn that?

Try mantras, meditation, yoga, walks, autogenic training, smiles.

Work for and not against you. I often hear the word ‘fight’ in connection with losing weight or exercising. If you have to use that, at least fight for yourself, but not against it. It should be fun, bring happiness and focus on well-being.

4. Leaner and Happier by Getting to Know and Paying Attention to Your Body Signals

Hand on heart – do you always do exactly what your body is saying to you? Can you differentiate exactly whether you are just tired or just hypoglycemia? Probably not. And modern everyday life also does its best to prevent us from listening to our body signals.

The good news is: we can learn that if we pay attention.

Pay more attention to your needs, use your breaks for yourself and create oases. Regenerate when you feel like it. Take your time for yourself.

5. Leaner and happier with regular exercise

A training routine not only leads to a defined body, but also to more well-being. But not only pure training belongs to this point, but also the movement in everyday life – work, shopping, leisure. Do you just sit around during the day or do you exercise regularly? After just one hour of sitting, the metabolism and blood circulation deteriorates, muscles tighten and the energy burns down – so get up and stretch more often or take a few steps. I have already summarized tips for you on how to keep yourself healthy and fit in the office.

6. Leaner and Happier Through Relaxation and Regeneration

An increased stress level not only makes you relaxed and lets you age enormously but also leads to increased fat storage. Therefore: Regenerate your feet up and actively when things get stressful in training, at work or in person. Keep in mind that stress starts in the head and that you can minimize your stress levels in the long term with simple everyday actions. Here I have summarized some immediate help tips against stress with guaranteed success.

7. Leaner and More Satisfied With Small-Scale Thinking and Intermediate Goals

Little by little, and habit by habit, change the behaviors that make you unhappy and sick. Take your time with new behavior changes until the last one has become a sure-fire success! Otherwise you overwhelm yourself and run the risk of throwing yourself into a relapse. Your change is a marathon, not a sprint. That is why I always rely on long-term and permanent changes instead of short-term diets and extreme solutions.

8. Leaner and Happier With the 80/20 Rule

Making life more relaxed also means staying flexible. That’s why I recommend this simple rule: The 80/20 rule. That means: You stick to 80% of healthy eating and your training plan. In the remaining 20% ​​you let loose. This allows you to skip a workout or eat less healthy meals. Of course, the whole thing goes without a rule – by cultivating a balanced lifestyle.

9. Leaner and Happier Through Meditation

I wouldn’t have thought it but sitting around and staring at the wall changes so much in life. In the meantime, I am even getting my clients to regularly devote themselves to a meditation practice as part of my online course on changing my diet. Meditation can help you perceive yourself better, visualize your goals and relax physically and mentally. You will be focused and relaxed. Even your pulse and your level of stress hormones are proven to be lowered. In the long term, you reduce cravings, emotional hunger and learn self-acceptance. For me, meditating is the way to more focus and serenity.

10. Leaner and Happier With Weight Training Strength Training Makes You Strong

Mentally and physically. It helps you reduce excess body fat and mentally adjust to challenges. According to studies, strength training beginners already lose 2% body fat in the first 8-12 weeks. Without major changes to the other lifestyle. It also relieves stress, shapes and defines your body (or as women’s magazines like to say: tones your body) and reduces pain in the muscles and tendons.

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