6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Diet When Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Here Are Some Important Tips To Take Care Of Your Diet When Traveling.

1. To change your habits you first have to analyse them

For this I advise you to start a newspaper.

A kind of road map where you write down every meal you make. In this way throughout the week, seeing the summary, you will be really aware of what you feed.

When we talk about eating, I like to see it from a “nutritious” perspective. Eating is nourishing your body, it is giving it what it needs to make it work in the best possible way.

There is only one body, and it is precisely the engine that allows us to be here on earth. If you are currently traveling the world or you have decided to lose your fears and start doing it, with the physical wear and tear that this can entail, or you take care of yourself or you will notice a lot of physical wear… (and mental).

Diet when traveling something a lot of people care about.

2. Learn to value your daily needs

Another tip that I find interesting is to learn to know what our body asks of us.

This will depend on several things. But I already tell you that your body does not need the same nutritional level one day that you are going to do high physical activity one day a bit more sedentary .

Eye! We must learn to enjoy equally. I simply advise you to find your balance precisely at this point.

Each person has individual needs, depending on their age, the level of stress they have in their day to day, the hours of rest, their physical activity, among other aspects .

In the scientific literature we have been taught by different techniques to calculate our BMI (Muscle Mass Index), the ideal weight, etc., to know how many calories to consume.

And I find it interesting, but only as an approximation.

I tell you that the days that are going to be more intense at the level of activity you eat more carbohydrates and proteins and the days that you move less look for more healthy fat and quality protein (whether vegetable or animal).

However (I know I can seem a burden), as I tell you, this is a general approach, each one has their needs, so if you really want to delve into the subject, seek help from a professional.

3. Enjoy the local food

In all parts of the world we can find “typical food”. I am one of those who vote to try those things that are native to the country in which we find ourselves.

In this way we know new flavors and textures and incidentally we get more into the culture we are in.

Unfortunately, there are many places where local food is quite fatty, or nutritionally uninteresting. Even so, if you are going to do it in a timely manner, as a way to make the most of your experience there, do it!

Be careful with the typical food of some countries where it is bought in street vendors . In many occasions hygiene is poor and if you are not used to it, it can make you feel bad.

4. Try to buy in reliable markets and supermarkets

Personally, the markets drive me crazy. That mixture of colors, smells … I think it has a lot of charm. I really like getting lost seeing different posts and I think they have a special essence.

In addition, the markets are usually full of seasonal local food , so (although this is not always the case), it can be cheaper.

The industry many times strains us well, announcing a product as healthy, or “low fat”, “free of added sugars”. And they really find a way to make it more palatable by straining it with other harmful ingredients.

For what? Well precisely so that we consume it more. So, if you know how to make a good reading of the ingredients (although it is heavier at first) then you are a beast finding the best options in the supermarket, and you go like a bullet filling the car.

5. Find the best restaurant options

Thanks to pages like this we can find different places around the world. Restaurants with vegetarian, vegan, “healthy” food …

There are always healthy food options, we just have to know how to look , or even ask local people, they can surely recommend us very interesting options.

In this case, surely we can find a lot of appetizing and balanced dishes.

This option may not be the first on your list if you are traveling the world, as it is one of the options that will probably cost you the most money.

But if from time to time you allow yourself to eat in a restaurant and take care of your diet when traveling, this is my advice 😉

6. Choose an accommodation with an equipped kitchen

One of the tips I can best give you in this article is this.

The fact that you can cook your own food is the best. Whether you are in China, Guatemala or Alaska.

When you cook, you decide.

It will depend on the quality of the food you buy but the way of cooking it also matters (and a lot). I recommend that you use the oven, steam and cook with little oil (if you have it).

Tips To Take Care Of Your Diet When Traveling

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