How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Nothing worse for a trip than getting sick from it is crucial to maintain health. Recovery time, expense, discomfort, and other consequences can be a bad ingredient for what is supposed to be a great trip. To stay healthy while traveling is most important.

There are diseases, illnesses and common problems in the traveler. However, there is no requirement that anything bad happens to you if you take these tips into consideration.

Basic health problems in travelers:

1. Muscle aches.

Typical, especially if you go on a trip after weeks have passed without making any physical effort, walking or exercise.

Even more aggravated if you travel with a heavy backpack or sleep uncomfortably on buses and planes.

What to do:

Try to give yourself extra comfort in travel conditions, use a good backpack and carry it the least you need to do.

A small inflatable pillow for your head is good if you travel by bus. Taking advantage of a massage session during your trip can be a very rewarding experience.

If, despite everything, it is inevitable to feel your body in pain, an anti-inflammatory or pain reliever can be of great help: Naproxen sodium, Ibuprofen or Paracetamol are ideal over-the-counter pills for this purpose.

2. Traveler’s diarrhea.

The causes are always the same in the traveler. Either because of stress and a change in routine, or because of a new intolerable food for your body or in poor condition.

In any case, drinking plenty of water is crucial.

Many people travel with the idea of ​​knowing and experiencing new cultures, cooking is an essential part of them. Eating strange foods can be interesting and exotic. But that implies a risk that you must measure.

Is it worth eating that strange, raw thing prepared in that strange way at a local market? Or do you prefer to overlook the risk of this culinary experience? The answer depends on you.

What to do:

If playing it safe is your thing, then packaged meals, well-washed fruits, and bottled or boiled water will keep your stomach healthy. Eating out is fine, but give preference to places where you can confirm hygiene.

If on the other hand you want to eat those fried worms in the middle of the jungle, it will be a great experience for your travel journal. But considering the risk is in your hands.

3. Sunburn or heat stroke.

This is more than obvious, but there are many people who love the idea of ​​tanning and many pass the limit of tan to burned.

What to do:

ALWAYS use a sunscreen that exposes your skin to the sun. The higher the sun protection factor the better.

When you are all the time in the sun travelling and moving it is more than sure that you will end up with a tan of various shades. So you don’t need to unnecessarily expose your skin lying like a lizard on the sand.

4. Poor diet and malnutrition.

Although many travelers are encouraged by the idea of ​​saving the most or eating food on the go, it is perhaps the most important point to consider: quality food.

It is common to see travelers suffering from herpes, influenza, cough, fungi, and all this is nothing but opportunistic diseases that would not affect a person with a healthy immune system. Victims of common bacteria that although they are always among us do not affect a well protected system.

Therefore, avoid nourishing yourself only with instant soups and cookies.

What to do:

Do not test your body as you will need it 100% to continue your journey in the best conditions. Nobody wants to get sick while traveling, but if you demand too much of your body, you will take it along the opposite path to physical well-being.

A body that is not well nourished ends up being too susceptible to getting sick and being too vulnerable. You have to drink plenty of liquids, eat fruit during the day instead of sweets, eat breakfast well enough to have energy.

5. Sting Diseases.

It is important to find out about the areas that require prior vaccination. The most popular required vaccine is Yellow Fever . In general, they issue you an official certificate to enter the countries that require this vaccine.

To give you an idea, the countries that demand it are usually those that are in humid and jungle territories.

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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