Quit Smoking Gradually With These Tips

If you have tried to quit smoking cold turkey or have tried other methods in the past, and those methods did not work you may be wondering what options are left. You do have other options, and you can still quit smoking. There are steps to quit smoking gradually that may seem longer, but the result can be long lasting. Here are some tips to to help you gradually quit smoking and have it work this time.

Start Rationing Out Your Cigarettes

The first step you can take to quit smoking gradually is to start rationing out your cigarettes. If you ration them out, you can keep track of when and how you are smoking. For example, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, that is 20. Start off by cutting that back to 10 and then moving down from there to the point you are at one to two a day. This will help you slowly move off them and remove the need and cravings from your body slowly instead of all at once.

Reduce Social Smoking Encounters

Make sure you are reducing your social smoking encounters. For example, if you go to the club and that is where you smoke the most, then reduce the amounts of times you are going. If you tend to smoke more around certain people, reduce those instances. If you don’t want to change your social encounters, then stop taking cigarettes with you to them. This can help you gradually quit smoking as well. If you don’t have any to smoke, then you will either smoke from others or not at all.

Use an App to Follow Progress and Help Quit

There are many apps on the market that are geared to helping you quit smoking. Some of them use an alarm system. You enter in each time you smoke for about a week. The following week the system alerts you instead of you alerting it. The alerts will slowly become longer and longer apart to the point you are not smoking. They will also keep track of your thoughts and other issues you enter into the system. These are only a few of the tips that can help you. There are other methods you can use to help you get through the tougher points on your path to quit smoking. You can try journaling, meditation, supplements, or a number of other natural methods. The methods mentioned here are just a few to start with.

Quit Smoking Gradually With These Tips

Natural Remedies For Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking Gradually With These Tips



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