Tips To Take Care Of Your Health While Traveling

Here are the best tips you should apply to take care of your health while traveling.

There are several health-related situations that can ruin a trip, but there are also precautions you can take to take care of your health while traveling. In addition to my experience as a traveler, I am a health professional, so I think these tips can help you:

1) keep an eye on vaccines: as soon as you have your ticket, investigate if the places you will visit require a particular vaccine on a mandatory basis. Vaccines such as yellow fever vaccines should be given 10-15 days before travel. Do not forget to bring your vaccination card, when traveling.

2) take your prescriptions: do you suffer from a chronic disease or do you take any medicine that in any country can be considered a drug? Ask your doctor to write you a prescription, hopefully in English and Spanish with his signature and stamp. This in the event that for some reason you need to buy your medications or justify their use.

An example of a “prohibited” drug in some countries is Clonazepam, for which even travelers have been arrested in Middle Eastern countries. If you take any medication of this type, always carry the prescription to justify its use.

3) do not forget the repellent : you can buy it in your country of origin or even better if it is in the country of destination. See that it has 30% DEET for extra protection. If you want a more natural or chemical-free option, you can look for a Citronella-based repellent.

Do not forget that you must use it both on exposed areas and on clothing, I learned this lesson by hitting when I was bitten 30 times over my pants, while in exposed areas nothing.

If you will travel only with hand luggage and your repellent is spray and more than 100 ml it is very likely that they will remove it, evaluate buying on arrival or looking for a cream option.

I also carry a small anti-mosquito plug to put in the room at night, because I do not like to sleep with my skin full of repellent and I am easy prey for these insects.

Regarding the repellent in bracelets, I must say that it has not worked for me, the one that I have not tried is one that uses a battery and emits a vibration that takes them away, if someone has tried it, they can tell me about their experience.

4) Be careful what you eat: drinks with ice? Question: Many travelers are very strict about not drinking tap water and brushing their teeth with bottled water, but have you thought about what water ice makes? I advise you to ask and if you are not sure, it is better to prefer refrigerated options but without ice or your efforts with water will be in vain.

Regarding food, I am sure that one of the best ways to get to know a country is through its food, however if you are in a place where hygiene conditions are poor, it is better to avoid raw food, to avoid dreaded “traveler’s diarrhea”.

5) do not underestimate the sun: insolation can really ruin your trip, not to mention the cumulative damage that UV rays have on the skin. Don’t skimp on blocker.

I have a predilection for beach destinations, my skin is extremely white and sensitive, so I apply sunscreen before leaving (FPS50 +) and I reapply constantly. I already know what it is to walk insoles and I don’t like Don Cangrejo’s look at all.

6) carry a mini-kit with you: it won’t take up much space and can bail you out. I will tell you what I have in mine, but you can ask your doctor or rely on those things that you usually need:

  • Antiallergic
  • Paracetamol
  • Antispasmodic (in drops)
  • Antidiarrheal
  • Mild laxative
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Influenza (in tea)
  • Antacid (in envelope)
  • Dizziness pills
  • Eye drops
  • Band-aid patches of different sizes
  • Confrontations
  • Disinfecting wipes with oh
  • Sterile gauze (in envelope)
  • Cream for stings
  • Tweezers

With this you have to cover a wide range, from flu states, gastrointestinal complaints, headaches, mild allergic reactions, muscle aches or cramps and healing of small wounds such as those that can be caused in the feet from so much walking (I remind you of Europe).

Sometimes you can include an emergency antibiotic if, for example, you have a predisposition to generate urinary infections, your doctor can prescribe some SOS for you to use if you feel bad.

With this, the idea is not to promote self-medication, everyone knows their body and knows when something is wrong, and in some countries buying drugs is almost an impossible mission.

If you are one of those who does not take medications, you can look for homeopathic options for the list above.

7) sexually transmitted infections and contraception: add condoms to the previous list if you think you may need them, better to prevent than regret one of those infections, surely it is not the type of memory you want to bring back from a trip.

Regarding contraception, the pill in many countries is extremely difficult to buy, so if you use this method I recommend you have enough for your trip.

Adapt your alarm to the local time, you may take it at home at 10 at night but with the time difference where you go it will be at 6 or 12.

8) travel with insurance: I know that I have repeated it on multiple occasions and they know that I do not recommend any one in particular. Many will say “oh what an exaggeration, nothing ever happened to me”, but the truth is that it doesn’t happen until it happens to you. I travel on average 5 times a year and I can tell you that in 40 trips I have had to use it 2 times, it is little but in money it would have been a lot.

To enter some countries they are going to need it compulsory and for others not, however I recommend having one anyway and I am going to exemplify why, with my experience:

In early 2016 I traveled a second time to Jamaica, where I developed work with children. I had a terrible allergic reaction to mosquito bites (I know, they love me) that day that it didn’t occur to me to put repellent on my pants.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Health While Traveling

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