Using CBD for Stress and Anxiety

In the last ten years, stress and anxiety have become common disorders among adults and children alike. The general solution to these disorders would be pharmaceutical intervention. Many of these medications have adverse side effects that some people would rather avoid. Fortunately, researchers are uncovering more and more alternatives to these drugs each day. One treatment has been discovered in CBD. These chemicals are found in cannabis plants and are the non-psychoactive component of the plant. Though lacking the THC, new information about the effectiveness of CBD has created a new debate about the ways it can be used.

Serotonin Effects

One of the main causes of anxiety or feelings of dread in people is often linked to a state of decreased serotonin. When doctors decide that the patient is suffering from low serotonin, they will usually prescribe drugs that are categorized as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These drugs help the patient to absorb more serotonin by preventing the blood from absorbing serotonin as it passes through the brain. Unfortunately, a large portion of people who have experience with SSRIs have reported that they are difficult to stop taking, and long-term usage can cause certain unpleasant effects. CBD has been found to serve a similar purpose in the brain without many of the adverse effects in the majority of test subjects.

Effects on Anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety are often likely to become depressed due to the isolation that they experience. This can lead to a list of other issues that can arise if their disorder goes unchecked. Though studies haven’t been able to determine if CBD has any effect on depression directly, they may have found some interesting information about one component that could send sufferers down the wrong path. Researchers recently discovered that CBD’s are able to have a positive effect on social anxiety disorder.

Stress Response

In a 2016 study, doctors were able to demonstrate that CBD’s routines to suffer when facing PTSD, so reduced stress response could be a great help to allowing a PTSD suffered to get a good night’s rest. This sort of breakthrough could be the thing that many people need because CBD’s are less likely to create any kind of dependency, and will therefore become the recommended method of treatment. While the research is still in the early phases of approval, results appear to be suggestive of a major breakthrough just around the corner.

Using CBD for Stress and Anxiety

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