Ways Your Body Will Change When You Quit Smoking

Starting down the path to quit smoking can lead to several issues with your body. You may already know about the withdrawals and what will happen, but there are other body issues you may not know. These body issues are more outward appearance related or functional than withdrawal related. If you aren’t sure how your body will change when you quit smoking, here are some ways to consider. There is also information on how to deal with these body changes.

Heart Rate

You will notice that your heart rate will drop. Don’t let this alarm you. This is very normal and is something that can happen within the first hour that you quit smoking. It will reach normal levels over the course of a day or several days. If your heart rate drops suddenly, try to sit down and rest. Let your body acclimate itself. If the side effects of your heart rate dropping tend to lead to shortness of breath, contact a doctor.

Increased Appetite

One change that many people do not expect is an increase in appetite. This is because smoking tends to work as a suppressant for appetite. You will notice the increase within the first few days. This is normal. If this does occur with you, try to have healthy foods near you. Try to reach for fruits, vegetables, smoothies, or juices. Try to avoid fast food options, salty options, or fattening and sugar rich foods.

Increased Energy for Exercise

After a few weeks of your last smoke, you may notice that you have an increased energy. This will manifest by allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time without becoming winded. This is something that can be used for your benefit. Exercise can help with stress and reduction in anxiety. It can also help curb weight gain that also may come from the changes your body will experience when you quit smoking.

Weight Gain

You may notice a bit of weight gain following your last cigarette. This is something that is normal and likely is due to the increased appetite. You will want to start off combating this by removing toxins from your system. You can do this through increasing water or grape juice. You can also start an exercise program and meal planning to help ensure you are getting wholesome foods in your system. These are the most common body changes you will experience. There are others depending on your current health situation and possible illnesses. If you are experiencing body issues that you were not prepared for, or that seem odd, after you quit smoking consider contacting your physician.

Ways Your Body Will Change When You Quit Smoking

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