What to Wear While Hiking

Before you get started on your hiking adventure, you need to be sure you are dressed properly. Many people go on shorter, more casual hikes and wear their normal workout clothes. However, depending on the length and terrain, you might want to change your attire for certain types of hikes. Here are some tips for choosing the right clothing for your hike.

Soft, Breathable Fabrics

The clothing you wear is really important and should not be taken lightly. In general, wearing cotton while hiking is a good option. It is soft and breathable, so you won’t get too hot while wearing it, but it is soft enough for the more strenuous hikes. However, if it is a hot day or you are afraid of sweating a lot, you don’t want to get a rash. Toa void this, choose pants that wick away moisture and keep you dry, such as Spandex materials. You will be much more comfortable while completing your long hike.

Hiking Boots or Walking Shoes

The type of hike will depend on the shoes you need. Wearing hiking boots at any time is good when you go on a hike, but if it is a short and simple one, your regular fitness shoes should be okay to start with. However, if you find that your feet are sore after the first hike, it might be that the terrain is too rough for your regular sneakers and that you need to get a good pair of hiking boots for the next time out.

Layers in Cold Weather

If you are going hiking in colder weather, you should try to wear layers. Don’t wear your biggest coat, but choose lighter layers that are easy to walk in, but also light enough to carry in your pack if you take them off. That way, if you start warming up after a few minutes of the hike, you can pull off layers and still be okay to finish your hike.

Hats and Accessories

In addition to regular clothing, there are some accessories you want to have. Make sure you have moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry, and that you bring along a hat if you need to protect your face from burning. Bring sunglasses on a bright, sunny day to protect your eyes as well. You may also want to wear a fitness tracker so that you know how many calories you are burning during the hike.

What to Wear While Hiking

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