Where To Sleep If You Are In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Thailand , and as such its hotel offer is very great, in addition to offering one of the best value for money in the country. In addition to the ancient city, which is usually one of the favorite places for tourists, there are several areas as interesting, or even more, where to stay in Chiang Mai.

Being one of the most popular destinations in Thailand , Chiang Mai has a good hotel offer. Despite the fact that hotel prices in Chiang Mai have become more expensive due to the increasing number of tourists in recent years, it still maintains excellent value for money .

In addition to the traditional luxury hotels and resorts, a recent wave of opening of small boutique hotels with great charm and exquisite service is joining.

The price of a room in a hotel of a certain quality is above 1000 baht , and it is possible to find offers in good 4-star hotels and well located for prices around 1800  baths .

The best areas to sleep in Chiang Mai

In addition to the old city, where the main tourist attractions of the area are concentrated, there are other highly recommended areas to stay such as the Nightbazar area, the banks of the Ping River, or Nimmanhaemin Road, located to the northwest of the old city.

The ancient city

The old city is surrounded by a moat where the old wall was located, of which there are still some remains. It is where many of the tourist attractions of the city are located and one of the most popular places to stay in Chiang Mai . It is ideal to visit its temples, its ruins and its monuments, some of which have 800 years of history.

This area is full of cheap hotels and guesthouses, and in recent years there has been an explosion of boutique hotels for the most demanding. The Tha Phae Gate area is where the largest supply of backpacker accommodation is concentrated .

In its surroundings there are a lot of travel agencies, cheap restaurants, internet cafes, and bars, and it is very close to the Night bazaar area.

Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar area, the Chiang Mai night market , is located between the Tha Phae Gate and the Ping River. It is very central, ideal for visiting the old city, and is the most lively spot in the entire city . In addition to the flea market, it is full of restaurants, shopping centers, bars and nightlife of all kinds, and places to see Muay Thai.

It is one of the most popular areas among tourists to stay in Chiang Mai . In addition to a good offer of cheap accommodation, in this area there are plenty of medium and high-quality hotels.

The banks of the Ping River

The banks of the Ping River and its surroundings are also an excellent option for sleeping in Chiang Mai . It is a much quieter area than the surroundings of the Tha Phae Gate or the Night Bazaar, and is within an acceptable distance (reachable by walking) from both.

It is a perfect place to dine on one of its terraces overlooking the river or to have a drink in one of its bars with live music.

It is the most recommended area for those who want to stay in a quieter and more elegant area than the Night Bazaar, but at the same time close to the old city. On both banks of the Ping River are some of the best and most luxurious hotels in Chiang Mai.

The western area of ​​the old city

An alternative to the more touristy areas is the Chiang Mai area that stretches west of the old city. In this area is Chiang Mai University and Nimmanhaemin Road.

This entire area is characterized by its exclusive shops and boutiques, its art galleries, and the abundance of cafes, restaurants and bars with a lively and elegant local atmosphere.

It is not the favorite option among tourists visiting the city for the first time, but it is an alternative to consider , especially in months of high occupancy. In this area there is a good offer of cheap accommodation, long-term accommodation, and many classy little boutique hotels.

Cheap accommodation in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the top destinations in Thailand for backpackers . It has the peculiarity that many guesthouses offer the cheapest prices to those clients who also hire a trekking.

The cheapest prices are from the 100 baht that a bed in a shared dormitory can cost you in the cheapest hostels.

very simple double room with air conditioning and a single bathroom can be had for around 400 baht .

Where To Sleep If You Are In Chiang Mai.

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