Where To Stay If You Are In Malaga, Spain

Where to stay in Malaga ? What are the best areas to stay in Malaga? Each one has their preferences however I think it is more than clear that the best areas are the Center of Malaga – Calle Larios, Soho, and the Malagueta. I tell you about these and other areas of Malaga.

The best areas to stay in Malaga

Malaga is the “capital of the Costa del Sol”, a city with multiple attractions that make it one of the most notable tourist destinations in southern Europe. 

The economic dynamism that this has meant has allowed the maintenance of one of the best accommodation offers in Spain , with an excellent relationship between quality and price. There are multiple possibilities to stay in Malaga, with hotels, hostels or apartments of various categories and prices for all tastes. 

As you can imagine the highest concentration of accommodation you will find in the neighborhoods of the center of Malaga and in the beach areas .

Malaga center, the best area to stay in Malaga

The old town of the city center has a great charm, with small medieval alleys , archaeological remains and buildings of great interest, belonging to different historical stages. 

It is the area with the highest influx of tourism and most of the streets are pedestrian, inviting you to explore them on a pleasant walk. Choosing the center to stay in Malaga means being located in the area with the most cultural and monumental interest in the city. 

Here, you can see most of the most important architectural attractions, such as the Cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Roman theater or the Gibralfaro castle . 

Well-stocked in terms of shopping areas , not only in the famous Calle Larios, the axis of downtown Malaga, but in multiple street markets such as the Plaza de la Merced . Or in fixed markets such as the great Central Market of Atarazanas , a visit that deserves to be on your list of essentials. 

It is also an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy nightlife, since the center of Malaga is one of the main nightlife spots , with a good number of bars and pubs to extend bedtime until very late. 

To know other areas or get closer to the beach, the center is very well connected with the rest of the city. 

In short, it is an ideal area to stay in Malaga in every way . You will be close to the main tourist attractions, also the beach, you will have a great commercial and restaurant offer, and at night you can go out for drinks.

At the accommodation level, it is the area that offers the most abundant offer , with establishments of all kinds. Of course, the stay is more expensive, for the same category, than in other sectors of the city.


Luxury accommodation

Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro . Luxurious four stars with an extraordinary location,next to the castle and on top of Mount Gibralfaro , from which exceptional views of the city and the sea can be seen. Ideal to give yourself a luxury when sleeping in Malaga. The property is surrounded by pine trees and features elegant and classic interior decoration. The rooms are equipped with all the comforts and the hotel has a rooftop swimming pool and solarium.

Solecio Palace . Located in a historical building from the 17th century in which the original architectural and artistic style has been maintained, exclusivity is breathed in all its rooms . It offers very complete rooms with luxurious details and has an excellent location in the Jewish quarter , very close to the cathedral.

Mid-range accommodation

Casual of the Sea Malaga . Cozy three-star hotel with an excellent location , in the immediate vicinity of places of interest such as the cathedral, the Alcazaba or the Atarazanas market. Its 46 rooms have a peculiar decoration , reflecting themes of the seabed, oceans, islands and secrets under the sea. Its rooms are comfortable and well equipped. Less than a ten minute walk from the city train station.

Exe Malaga Museums . A modern three-star hotel located in the heart of Malaga , very close to the cathedral. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, with an elegant and contemporary decoration. It has an outdoor swimming pool on the roof , from which you can see beautiful panoramic views of the city. Less than a minute walk to Calle Larios and five minutes from the Picasso museum.

Budget accommodation

Boutique Hotel Roman Theater . A simple two star, but at the same time elegant and comfortable . Very well located, in the historic center, in front of the remains of the Roman theater . A cheaper option to sleep in Malaga, one step away from monuments such as the Alcazaba (200 meters) or the cathedral (300 meters).

Calle Larios, the most commercial street

Calle Larios is Malaga’s most iconic crossing, a pedestrian path of just under 400 meters, dotted on its sides with magnificent 19th- century buildings inspired by the Chicago School of Architecture. 

In the commercial aspect, Calle Larios (officially Marqués de Larios) is Malaga’s “golden mile” , the most expensive avenue and with some of the best restaurants and the most sought-after fashion brands. 

Choosing the elegant Calle Larios and its surroundings to stay in Malaga means being close to its main shopping area. In its surroundings you can find stores dedicated to a wide variety of products, offering an excellent alternative if you like shopping . 

Very well connected and with many restaurant and leisure services , both for the day and for the night, it is located in the city center and you can walk to the historic centerto see the essential places to visit. 

The whole area has great animation, on any day of the year. That aspect if you are looking for a quiet area to relax maybe it is not the best option for you. However if you are looking to be close to the main tourist attractions in the heart of Malaga it is ideal.

El Perchel – Malaga Train Station – María Zambrano, sleep in Malaga well connected and close to everything

This is, without a doubt, the best community area in all of Malaga . The railway station María Zambrano is one of the most important in Spain, with lines and trains AVE both long distance and regional. Next to it is the central bus station. 

By location, it is west of the historic center. In its favor the proximity to it counts (you can walk). 

It can be an ideal place to stay in Malaga if you are thinking of making excursions around the city, due to easy access to transportation. 

It is also a highly prized area for business tourism , for being a communications center and for the presence of the Congress Palace . Thus, business- style hotels proliferate, especially around the station. 

It can be said that it is a quieter area , less bustling in terms of movement of people than the previous ones. However, depending on the exact location of your hotel, it can be noisy due to the circulation and continuous traffic of vehicles. 

As for services, it is a very well-endowed sector of the city, with a multitude of restaurants and shops , also taking into account the presence of the large Vialia shopping center , at the station, equipped with cinemas and bowling alley. 

Also noteworthy is the presence of one of the great green lungs of Malaga, the Picasso gardens , which have fun for children.

In general terms, the supply of accommodation is not very dense and its prices are not among the cheapest options for sleeping in Malaga. However, it is cheaper than other areas such as Calle Larios and its surroundings .

Where To Stay If You Are In Malaga, Spain

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Where to Stay in Malaga: Best Areas and Neighborhoods



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